@byterhymer @Seirdy My self-signed Petitboot build omits all things network related, so I'm fine there.

Also, I do keep the BME ethernet port covered up so I don't accidentally connect it to anything. The BME isn't accessible without physically plugging into that port, so that also helps with attack surface.

@byterhymer @Seirdy Yeah, fair questions. For me, back in 2019 or so the Power9 platform looked like the only available platform with both open source, user-compilable firmware and a well-enough documented secure boot process for me to feel confident in flashing my own keys and carrying those assurances forward into userland.

@jens @Seirdy Oh, my mistake. I read too much into your first reply!

@jens @Seirdy It's not really "open" if it comes with the manufacturer's keys and a permanent fuse set against directly flashing your own firmware, is it? You'd need it either to come without the fuse set or it'd need to use a pin on the chip connected to a jumper header or other sort of physical switch to enable or disable flashing instead, wouldn't you?

@jens @Seirdy Oh wait, are you assuming the flashed keys need to be signed by the manufacturer? There's a jumper on the motherboard you can set to allow loading unsigned firmware, which is how you replace the manufacturer's keys with your own.

@jens @Seirdy I don't think I understand. I generated my own keys, embedded them into the firmware during compilation, and then flashed the firmware myself. Where does the manufacturer providing device specific keys enter in?

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Mike Pence is an example of toxic Christianity. We should have freedom of religion, yes, but we must also ensure freedom *from* religion. Your religious freedoms don’t give you the right to deny freedoms or civic participation to others. Period.

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@vertigo @dgold @dcbaok @alcinnz

I've basically come to the conclusion that people should be able to render text how they want. That epub is amazing and PDF is evil.

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Hi. Another twitter refugee here. I could not support Musk in any way shape or form so I'm hoping to find a few friends here eventually and some few sites that I followed on twitter. Or maybe something brand new will emerge.

I signed up here as an old Unix/Linux geek from the PDP-11 days now long retired but still volunteering in IT as well as other things.

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One thing that was super common on Mastodon / Fediverse prior to this mass migration was adding image descriptions to help be accessible to our many blind and partially sighted users here. Many people won't boost posts without them.
Please consider adding alt text to your images when you can. :blobcatheart:

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Well written article on an intro to Mastodon including first steps, aimed at twitter bail-ees. fastcompany.com/90803267/how-t

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A fascinating assumption, in replies to my Mastodon guide is that 'universal spaces' are an internet default.

They haven't been. The history of internet communities is one of fragmentation.

There's no guarantee a new universal platform will emerge. FB/Twitter may be a blip.

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@garius "Universal Spaces" like FB/Twitter are seen as a goal for financial reasons, not societal or community reasons. All of the VC-backed or publically owned need to be "Universal" to take the best advantage of network effects and economies of scale, but from a user perspective, this has been proven to be terrible.

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So far the #Brazil news: voter suppression in the Northeast and poor parts of Rio de Janeiro, bastions of support for Lula. Perpetrated by the Federal Highway Patrol, stopping buses full of voters.

Unimpressed with the BBC liveblog in English this time.

Suggesting gringos follow aovivo.folha.uol.com.br/poder/ with machine translation.

In Portuguese, worth listening to Foro de Teresina podcast live piaui.folha.uol.com.br/foro-de

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My "Getting Started on Mastodon" tip is to follow a ton of people.

Follow the people you followed on Twitter, sure, but especially follow new people you didn't know on Twitter. Follow people who follow you. Check out the local or federated timelines and pick random people to follow.

You can remove them later if you don't like their vibe or once you get a sense for how you want to use Mastodon, but in the meantime it's much more interesting to have a bunch of new posts whenever you come visit.

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