Hello folks dipping their toes in the fediverse :)

Please make sure you fill out your bios and make an introductory post so we know who you are and follow you.

If you’re here after following me from Twitter (sorry, Musk Social), ping me and let me know so I can follow you back.

Welcome! :)

@aral I guess I’m not the only expat from #twitter. Excited to see what it’s like in the Mastodon universe 😀! Thanks for spreading the word, as I would not have even know about such a space online. Now the question is how do the admins keeps the lights on without ads? And how do I support them?

@EAUnbound @aral My instance runs on an ARM SBC (Pine64 Pro, I think?) I had lying around collecting dust, and a static IP from my ISP only costs me $5 a month. Small instances may have such low running costs that I'm sure plenty of folks, such as myself, just run them as a hobby.

@ryan @EAUnbound How many accounts are you able to run on that smoothly? (Asking for a friend.) :)


@aral @EAUnbound Wish I could tell you. Haven't had any of the friends or family I invited bite yet. So for now, it's just me here.

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