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Authors who cited flawed work fail to warn readers even when it is pointed out. Study found 39 of the 88 citing papers had drawn conclusions that, if the retracted papers were left out of the analysis, were likely to be substantially weaker.

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Did you know, that if you make a software product in the United States of America, and it uses any form of encryption, even just HTTPS requests, and even if you're using the built-in libraries of an operating system, you have to submit an Export Administration Regulations Annual Self Report to both the BIS and the NSA? No, I didn't either.

And Apple points this out to everyone who submits apps to them from the US.

Conveniently, it involves sending a CSV form to two email addresses. Both email addresses are supplied as a slightly blurry image, I guess to prevent the addresses from being scraped. Hurray for macOS Monterey's built-in OCR.

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Friends. Romans. People.

Reminder to always verify your information and don't post lists of doctors who provide services around reproductive care if it has not been verified by someone you trust.

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How to #GiveUpGitHub when a lot of project just use their GitHub page as their homepage (github.com/user/project)?
My script cj.rs/readme-in-static-site/ offers a way to create automatically a standalone page on your website, from your project’s Readme. It helps establishing a GitHub-independent presence with little efforts.
For instance neovide.dev/ is built this way!

@conservancy @codeberg

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observations surrounding the fragility of computing have lead to far less senseless production of software and far more contemplation about the function of software, alternative implementations, and the troubles for which employment of software is the appropriate solution.

this is a wonderful thing and not something to frustrated or discouraged by.

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@kev Personally I've stopped thinking in terms of winning or losing.

The struggle for an ethical internet, against whatever immoral garbage is being pushed at any given time, isn't going to end.

The same goes for environmentalism: no matter how bad (or good) things get, the fight for future generations and non-human life will never be over.

For this reason, the main issues you must not fail at are long-term physical and mental sustainability and choosing battles strategically.

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Kallithea might be better than Gitea (and Codeberg) from an a11y standpoint. I need to give it a look to see exactly where it stands. i think people are rushing the migration off GitHub following the SFC's recent initiative and aren't properly evaluating their options: accessibility, security, scalability, community, and usability all need to be taken into account in addition to just FOSS-ness and governance.
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“Once upon a time, the grounds surrounding the Maryknoll Sisters home in Monrovia were 6.5 acres of lushly green lawn and trees.

They'll never be that way again — not with water being so rare and expensive…

Their goals for the new landscape include meadows of native plants, grasses and trees, and community gardens growing food, using methods that conserve water, harvest rainfall and rebuild the soil.”


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@CobaltVelvet "We can't pay people for doing nothing" yes we can, and this should be the endgoal for everyone. I'm fine with paying more income tax if this means everyone else gets an unconditional basic income.

Oh and giving everyone a guaranteed income doesn't mean social security should go. Everyone should get money *and* free healthcare

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I think contemporary development culture has a CI-fetishization problem and this should be talked about a lot more.

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion or just not interesting to a lot of people (at least I don't see it pop up much in my feeds for whatever reasons), but the rising amount of commit-triggered senseless cloud computation I see in recent years is really worrisome to me. I can appreciate the utility of a thoughtful automated process that thoroughly checks an entire release before it rolls out on big critical infrastructure, but what I see around me is so often overblown pseudo-testing that provisions entire serverfarms to crunch numbers for half an hour everytime any dev at an org commits as a much as a fix for a typo on some random work-in-progress branch. In the face of our existential climate emergency I can only consider this practice completely mindless, and complete madness. We can not keep doing this.

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I've been eagerly awaiting this #postmarketos capability. Re-installing every time a new release comes out has been dreadful.
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MNT Pocket Reform is coming!

Here are all the technical details that are nailed down so far: mntre.com/media/reform_md/2022

You can also sign up for email updates on the project at the end of the page.

Ana Dantas returned for industrial design. The snazzy 3D art was done by Philipp Broemme. Illustrations by Anri Hennies.

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Very in-depth social engineering Discord scam, PLEASE BOOST FOR VISIBILITY :boost_requested: 

I've never seen a Discord scam like this, and I almost fell for it. A hacked account will DM you with "bro idk if you're being impersonated or what but they exposed your dms in [INSERT SERVER HERE] with that girl and like what the fuck?? im sorry but i dont associate with those types of people so if you cant explain it then i will be blocking you." and immediately block you.

Upon joining the server, it'll ask you to verify with Wick bot, but it's a fake Wick bot that asks you to scan your Discord mobile app for QR code verification.

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our webapp runs smoothly on our developer's latest 2000 USD macbook with nothing else open via a 1gbit internet connnection, so really i dont understand complaints about performance

closed, wontfix

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your periodic reminder that I wrote a book about the struggles of being a programmer called The Mediocre Programmer, available here:


It's free to read in HTML, ePub, and PDF formats.

Hope you enjoy!

#TheMediocreProgrammer #programming

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I thought many of you might enjoy this comic I was sent. The Red Panda swears it!

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my bank has a Pride theme so now when I open the app there's a rainbow next to my deadname

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